Application Guideline

Before using this application, it is of the utmost importance that you read and understand the following;

  1. This application is directly linked to the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) – Selangor Contingent. 
  2. Coverage Area – Selangor only. 
  3. Requirements – ensure phone supports GPS functionality and data transmission.
  4. MyDistress is a service in which the citizens can alert PDRM when an emergency assistance is required.
  5. Submit your personal details for verification in order to start using MyDistress in ‘Settings > Profile’ 
  6. ‘Personal Alert’ – Automatic real-time location update in case of emergency while outdoors. 
  7. ‘Preset Location Alert’ – Add location of property such as home or office for emergency alert, even while you are away. (For use within a building, we strongly suggest that you use the ‘Preset Location Alert’ by pre-setting your location in front of the building, as GPS functionality can be inaccurate indoors.) 
  8. By hitting the ‘ON HELP’ button within ‘Personal Alert’ and ‘Preset Location Alert’, your request for assistance will alert PDRM and Police Personnel will be sent to your location.
  9. MyDistress DO NOT track your movement or location if the functionality is NOT activated.
  10. MyDistress should ONLY be used for emergencies.
  11. An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.
  12. You should use MyDistress service to alert police in situations when you need an immediate response – if a crime/incident is currently happening or if anyone/property is in immediate danger. 
  13. If a person misuses MyDistress whereby the request for an immediate response is not an action deemed as an emergency, PDRM reserves the right to suspend MyDistress services to the user.
  14. MyDistress is a service by PDRM – Selangor Contingent in an effort to keep Selangor safer. Any abuse and/or misuse of MyDistress will divert crucial resources of the Police which can be better utilised for situations of real emergencies. Pursuant thereto, please use MyDistress responsibly.