Why MyDistress

Requesting for police help today requires one to dial 999 to provide info & location.

Often,it’s difficult to state location due to stressful situations,for uncertainty of exact location.

In extreme situation,it’s impossible to speak up for assistance of fear of own safety.

Hence,a solution is needed to streamline this process for police help,and pinpoint the exact location.

Hit HELP Responsibly
  • Use of MyDistress should be an emergency.
  • An Emergency is when crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime nearby,someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.
  • You should use MyDistress service to alert police in situation when you need an immediate response-if a crime/incident is happening now or if anyone/property is in imminent danger.
  • If a person misuse MyDistress whereby the request for immediate response is not an action deemed emergency, PDRM reserves the right to suspend MyDistress services to the user.
  • MyDistress is a service by the Royal Malaysia Police,Selangor Contingent in an effort to keep Selangor safer. Any abuse and/or misuse of MyDistress will divert crucial resourses of the Police which can be better utilised for situations of real emergencies. Pursuant thereto, please use MyDistress responsibly.