Personal Alert
  • Use this when outdoor in emergency situation to alert the authorities of your location.It tracks your movement with automatic real time location updates.
  • Receive alerts on important messages from PDRM
Preset Location Alert
  • Add location of your property or offices, for quick response in emergency situation.
  • Also add venue of visit that might be vulnerable when meeting strangers.
Test Simulation
  • Test sending out a distress alert and see it in action
  • Send messages during Distress Mode to PDRM to provide further information about your distress
Multi-lingual User Interface
  • English, Bahasa Malaysia, Simplified Chinese and Tamil user interface language support.
Passcode Lock
  • Helps protect children or user from accidentally hitting the SOS button and protect your personal data
  • Provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement
Vehicle Registration
  • Register private or public vehicles for PDRM to identify the vehicle you are traveling in during distress
  • Find the nearest police station and route to get there.
Emergency Contacts
  • Register emergency contacts to ease PDRM prompt actions
  • Quick access to emergency numbers.